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Data Literacy Essentials

Data Literacy Essentials masterclass poster
This masterclass includes
4 activities

Learning objective

  • Understanding business KPI and Metrics
  • Understanding facts and dimensions of data
  • Understanding Granularity of data


Understanding fundamentals of data in the context of GlobalMart's e-commerce business.


GlobalMart, an emerging E-Commerce player in North America and Europe, specializes in Technology, Office Supplies, and Furniture across 120 markets. Despite accumulating a significant amount of data, they lack the skills to effectively utilize and analyze it.

Being a young organization, it's employees are not yet matured in terms of working seamlessly with data to deliver actionable insights. The management feels that the employees need be more data literate to effectively add value to company's growth through a data driven decision making. 


In this Masterclass, we'll discover the following :

  • What skills would be needed to be called as Data Literate?
  • What questions should one ask when presented with any data?
  • What do the terms KPIs, facts, dimensions, granularity, uniqueness actually mean for a business?