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SQL Essentials - Level 4

SQL Essentials - Level 4 masterclass poster
This masterclass includes
3 activities

Learning objective

  • Learn the concepts of E-R modelling and understand how SQL DDL works
  • Learn how to work with variables, functions and procedures


In this Masterclass, you'll learn the programming capabilities of SQL. You'll learn how to use variables, functions etc. to change SQL's behavior from a static querying language to a dynamic one


GlobalMart has been successful in adopting SQL as a go to tool for data processing. The features of SQL which makes it an undeniable choice are :

  • Write the way you think - Logical and english like statements
  • Much faster to code to process data whether text or date processing

As SQL gets popular in GlobalMart, the challenges are also growing. Till now, SQL was used primarily for querying tasks in order to build reports of various complexities. 


However, one big change is happening off late is the change in the nature of requirement from business. Earlier, the reporting requirements were static. However, many business parameters are changing off late which is leading to requirements which are varying in nature. 


SQL by nature wasn't designed to handle cases where outcomes can change dynamically (without changing the inherent query). 


  • How to tackle this new change?
  • Can SQL work like a typical programming language like Python and showcase capabilities like variables, loops, functions etc.?

In this Masterclass, we'll explore answers to the above questions.