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Data Quality Essentials

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This masterclass includes
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Learning objective

  • Understand the 6 dimensions of Data Quality
  • Investigate and Identify data quality issues based upon the 6 dimensions of data quality
  • Implement data quality fixes using Excel


This Masterclass would help you pick up necessary skills required to perform critical data quality checks before performing any data analysis. You'll learn about the 6 dimensions of data quality and how to identify and treat them using Excel


GlobalMart is an early stage startup in E-Commerce space. Just like any other startup, their focus has been more on developing a working business model. They've just the bare minimum technology to run the show. 


As of now, they use plain Excel sheets to maintain information about their Customers, vendors and products. They capture orders, returns etc. via forms whose data is ultimately stored as Excel sheets. 


They've hired you as a Consultant to help them do basic reporting for the customers. Ex : 

  • Cleaning text, dates, number formats etc. to prepare the data for reporting
  • Creating summary reports at various levels. Ex. Daily Orders Report or Late Delivery Report etc.

However, even after knowing the best of the Excel, you are not able to accurately report the business metrics. Time and again, the management comes back with complaints saying the numbers are wrong, inconsistent or inaccurate.


Without the right quality checks, any data initiative is bound to fail in an organization. 


How will you go about investigating, identifying and fixing quality issues in your data?