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Sachin's Batting Analysis using SQL


Learning objective

  • To be able to join tables to bring together columns
  • To be able to use popular date functions for data processing
  • To be able to perform grouping and aggregations on data
  • To be able to implement sub-querying and/or common table expressions
  • To be able to implement windowing operations to calculate complex level metrics


This practice set provides you an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in SQL skills like joining, common table expressions, conditional statements, grouping, aggregating and windowing


Sachin Tendulkar is revered as the God of Cricket and is lovingly bestowed with the title of Master Blaster. BCCI wants to pay a tribute to him by preparing interesting statistics about his batting performance. 


You are a Sports Analyst working with the Data Intelligence Unit of BCCI. You've received a request to prepare some good analysis of Sachin's batting. 


Below are some of the key questions asked : 

  • Out of runs scored across all the teams, how much was the share of Pakistan? Which team had the highest share of Sachin's runs? Which one had the lowest?

  • List down 2nd highest score of Sachin against each team

  • List down all matches of Sachin where he crossed 50% of total runs made against that team

  • Against which team Sachin took most matches to cross 50% of his total runs made?



Check out below how will the learning experience in this scenario may look like :