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Market Spend Optimization through Uplift Modelling

Market Spend Optimization through Uplift Modelling project poster
This project includes
7 activities

Learning objective

  • Understanding data-wrangling
  • Understanding ml-modelling
  • Understanding data-ingestion
  • Understanding Marketing Spend Optimization


Optimizing marketing spending for targeted promotion of MyDepot chains through Uplift modeling




  • The MyDepot is a popular retail chain that has its presence in Pan India having 90+ stores and an online presence.
  • They have all types of products ranging from hygiene to home essentials to Fashion.
  • They have been category leaders for some time now and have done a lot of marketing campaign data with them.
  • The Chief Functional officer of myDepot wishes to reduce the marketing spend after the deep impact of COVID-19 which includes trade, media, and promotions
  • Hence, they turned their eye to the Mountain size data that they have been involuntarily collecting for years
  • The Insights generated by the team of Data Scientists will be used by Marketing experts to reduce the spend and increase the revenue generated at the same time


  • The data is scattered across several databases and data lakes. Understanding the availability of data from these places is the first and prime requirement to start the case
  • Understand the need for Marketing, target promotions, and explore the ways to optimize the spend
  • Explore the data and identify the relevant data suitable for addressing the problem of marketing spend
  • Insights to Marketing Teams on spend Optimization