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Design & Implement a robust Data Warehouse for WeCure Healthcare

Design & Implement a robust Data Warehouse for WeCure Healthcare project poster
This project includes
5 activities

Learning objective

  • Design a robust Dimensional Data Model to store data after ELT
  • Design suitable KPIs to measure a patient care
  • Ingest data from External source and move the same into Snowflake
  • Apply suitable transformations to clean and prepare high quality data for analysis
  • Implement Change data capture to ensure data is continuously synced between source and destination
  • Make data easily accessible and secure via Snowflake features


Design and Implement a robust and reliable data warehouse in Snowflake for Apollo Health to help them build and track metrics to measure and improve critical patient care


Apollo Health is a healthcare startup specializing in providing essential healthcare services remotely using the power of Internet. It has a team of doctors who work in close association with doctors and medical staff at hospitals in remote localities bridging the gap of access to critical healthcare for people WeCure offers an end-to-end platform providing the following features : 

  • Onboarding hospitals 
  • Register doctors and medical staff 
  • Capture patient health lifecycle from admissions to discharge
  • Capture patient vital health parameters 
  • Prescriptions/Medications given to patients 

The company has onboarded close to 80 hospitals till date and have captured good amount of patient care data in their systems. WeCure wishes to leverage the valuable data they have captured to develop innovative data driven solutions. However, this would require someone to design, implement and maintain appropriate data warehouses. They have hired you as a Data Engineer to help them achieve their goals. Leverage your Snowflake skills to help Wecure achieve their goals. 


Note : You'd need to sign up for a free account on Snowflake community. Check here for the required steps