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SQL Essentials - Level 2

SQL Essentials - Level 2 masterclass poster
This masterclass includes
3 activities

Learning objective

  • Be able to perform JOINS between tables
  • Be able to understand how HAVING clause works
  • Be able to perform GROUP and aggregations on data
  • Be able to implement Sub-querying and Common Table Expressions
  • Understanding CTE as great method for sub-querying


SQL is a powerful tool for data analysis as it allows users to focus on the analysis itself, rather than the mechanics of how to retrieve the data. In this project, we will ponder over how SQL is used for managing and manipulating data stored in relational databases and how it allows users to easily retrieve, sort, filter, and aggregate large amounts of data.


GlobalMart has been successful in adopting SQL as a go to tool for data processing. The features of SQL which makes it an undeniable choice are :

  • Write the way you think - Logical and English like statements
  • Much faster to code to process data whether text or date processing

As SQL gets popular in GlobalMart, the demand for more and more complex reporting is growing. The requirements are varying and the time to deliver is shortening. 


In this Masterclass, you'll move to the Intermediate level of SQL where you'll discover how to work across multiple tables, how to summarize data and how to chain more than one outcomes in sequence to produce more and more complex results


Only one request : Try typing each piece of code by yourself in the SQL Code editor. This wires your brain to get through the nitty gritties of the subject and makes you better at coding.