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Analyzing customer purchase behavior for an e-commerce firm

Analyzing customer purchase behavior for an e-commerce firm project poster
This project includes
4 activities

Learning objective

  • Build Issue trees to break down a business problem into solvable components
  • Design KPIs to measure a business process
  • Implement the KPIs using SQL from data fetched from transactional database


GlobalMart's Customer Success team would need your help to understand the drivers which result in better customer engagement. Use your problem solving skills to sketch an issue tree and draft a set of hypothesis statements to help a well structured EDA. Thereafter, leverage your SQL skills to design and implement customer behavior metrics to study their purchase patterns


Problem Statement :


GlobalMart is a growing e-commerce startup specializing in 3 business lines : Technology, Office Supplies and Furniture. The company has made significant investments in technologies which has helped them get the competitive edge. Ex. implementation of databases to model and store data, website to capture user transactions and purchase behavior etc. 


Everything went well for the last 2 years with a significant uptick in demand. However, off-late, the company is facing a slip up in revenues and rising cases of unfinished purchases. The Customer Success Team would like to get an understanding of the problem landscape. Following steps have been taken to capture and store data relevant to understand user purchase behavior


Business has rolled out a customer facing app to capture the following information : 

  • Customer details
  • Order details
  • Order line items (What products are purchased, when, by whom, at what price etc.)
  • Returns details
  • Vendor details
  • Product details
  • Location details (Where are the customers located)

Team has implemented Google Analytics for their website. This helps them capture information like : 

  • Where the user is logging in from?
  • What channel is used for purchase?
  • How much time does the user spend on each page?
  • Where did the user bounce off the website?
  • How frequently do users visit the website?


Team has all the data captured and stored in tables in SQL Server Database


You are hired as a Data Analyst by GlobalMart. Your job would be to leverage your Consulting & technical skills and help perform the below mentioned tasks :

  • Study the customer life cycle on the portal (Learn from the business team)
  • Sketch out an issue tree, jot down a bunch of important hypothesis statements
  • Design KPIs which can be used to develop a deeper understanding of user behavior
  • Leverage your SQL skills to demonstrate your analysis and therefore help in building actionable insights